An Introductory Therapy Group

Men Healing from Sexual Abuse

This 12-week group is for men ready to expand their recovery as abuse survivors into working with other men with similar histories. It will provide both the safety and the opportunity to challenge the shame and isolation typical of sexual victimization, and to appreciate and deepen the personal strengths survivors develop in coping with their abuse.   These groups typically continue on as open-ended groups.

Concurrent individual therapy (or, in some cases, its ready availability) is required, and participants are asked to have at least 6 months of prior individual therapy focused substantially on the experience and consequences of their sexual abuse, as a basis for continuing to address and heal from:

           -- relationship challenges

           -- sexual difficulties

           -- difficulties with trust and intimacy

           -- difficulties with anger

           -- shame and guilt

           -- distress about gender identity and/or orientation

           -- stigma and social alienation

           -- self-defeating behaviors


Where:  822 Delaware St. @ 6th St.

        in Berkeley, California(near Hiway 80  and University Ave.)


When:     Mondays 7:15p - 8:45p
         Group may open to new members in Feb. 2017
        --Please call to inquire--

Cost:        $50 / weekly session
         12 week minimum commitment
Free Initial Interview,  contact:
Bill Burmester, M.A., MFT
          510 . 644 . 0419

Bill Burmester
, MFC #32035,

is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist associated with MaleSurvivor.org and The Men’s Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy in Berkeley, CA.

Bill has worked with survivors of sexual abuse in individual, family and group psychotherapy since 1987 and has a special interest in issues faced by men in recovery from abuse and their potential for challenging restrictive stereotypes of masculinity.

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