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Post-Traumatic Masculinity:   BetweenToxic Virility and Daring Vulnerability

CIR: Underserved Populations:  Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Ask-the-Expert Session

July 24 2018

Bill Burmester, M.A., MFT,  Berkeley, Ca.


(1) Black and Blue Boys, Broken Men: June 2012

(2) FoxNewsInsider:  Men in America:  Something ominous is happening to men in America

(3)  Joe Ehnman  TEDxBaltimore 2013:

(4)  Jennifer Seibel Newsom:  The Mask you Live In:   (trailer)

(5)  Brene´Brown:

Daring Greatly

Men & Vulnerability

Brene Brown: on gendered shame:  “for men vulnerability is weakness”

(6)  Development of Boys

Niobe Way: Deep Secrets:

The Crisis of Connection for Adolescent Boys:

Judy Chu:  When Boys become Boys:

(7)  Post-traumatic Growth (PTG)


ReSolve (movie trailer):

(8) Terry Crews:

The Daily Show:

Congressional testimony:

Military Trauma 

(9)  Clay Hunt  60 Minutes:

Clay Hunt Act:

(10)  Wilfred Bion:

Keyon Dooling:  ex- NBA player for the Celtics

(11)   Sexual Abuse/Assault/Rape/Trauma Stories

Jennifer Paog:  Men and Me Too: Men Admitting Sexual Abuse and Harassment Is Healing

Junot Diaz:   “The Legacy of Childhhood Trauma”  in The New Yorker  4-24-18

“Junot Díaz case may be a #MeToo turning point”  in The Globe 6-30-18

Lewis Howes: The Masks of Masculinity 2017

Landon Wilcock: (male rape victim Queen’s U):

Anthony Edwards 

Brendan Fraser:

(12) Chester Bennington / LinkIn Park:

‘One More Light’ tribute to Chris Cornell: :

LinkinPark tribute concert to Chester

Chester’s late interviews: (parts)

(on depression)


Mike Shinoda:

(living on)

  1.     (creative grief)


Talinda Bennington & 320ChangeDirection

(suicide town hall)   (clip w/ ad)

Men & Me Too

Men’s Movement 2.0


Rebel Wisdom:  David Fuller:  Men & Masculinity

Manifesto of the New Fatherhood:

Understanding and Working with Male Sexual Abuse

books by and edited by  Richard Gartner:

Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys and Men:

     The Trauma of Sexual Abuse 

Healing Sexually Betrayed Men and Boys:

     Treatment for Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Trauma

Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience:

     Insights from Psychoanalysts and Trauma Experts 

Beyond Betrayal: 

     Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse

Betrayed as Boys:

     Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men

Memories of Sexual Betrayal:

     Truth, Fantasy, Repression, and Dissociation

CIR-ATE  Q&A session  7-24-18