Resource List: ATSA 2014 Presentation


ATSA 2014  Presentation T-17:     10-30-14

“Treating the Victim and Survivor in the Offender”



--Luke Malone:   “You’re 16, You’re a Pedophile …. “

--Luke Malone featured on ‘This American Life’ #522:  Tarred and Feathered:  Act 2:  Help Wanted

--Interview with Choire Sicha:

Prevention Project Dunkelfeld:

--PPD -Kein Täter Werden   TV spot1:

--PPD -Kein Täter Werden   TV spot2:

--Dr. Klaus Beier:  Konferenz für Ethik und Gesundheit (in German)

--Pedophile Prevention/Support Sites:

Virtuous Pedophiles:                                                      

--Margo Kaplan: Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime

--Keith Ablow:  It makes no sense to view pedophilia as a ‘disability.’

--Abel Sexual Abuse Prevention   

    Oregon Public Radio interview:

--Circles of Support  and Accountability:

--The Good Lives Model:

--Howard Fradkin:  Joining Forces : Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive  (2012)
--Noelle Oxenhandler.  The Eros of Parenthood  (2001)
--Harold Sampson, Treatment by Attitudes  Ch7.   In:  Silberschatz, G, ed. Transformative Relationships. (2005)

Presentation slides: