contact info


                    Therapy Office

address:    822 Delaware St
                Berkeley, CA. 94710

location:     My office is on the southwest corner of 6th & Delaware Streets  (lower-left on map).  Since Delaware St. is not accessible from 6th, Google Maps mistakenly shows #822 on the

East (hill) side of 6th St. instead of on the West (bay) side. 

parking:     Parking directly in front of the office is restricted to residents and tenants, and access is blocked to auto traffic from 6th St.  Parking is available along 6th St. and hill-wards on Delaware St.


telephone:      510.644.0419



MAP            NOTE

GoogleMaps mis-lists my office location: the actual location is on Delaware Street directly on the west (left) side of 6th St. (not to the east as shown)

Mapquest is not much better.